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Englisch Lern-Links

Englisch Lern - Links

Der Inhalt dieser Seite wurde von einer Freundin von mir zusammengestelltdie als ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)- Lehrer arbeitet.

Mir hat das gut gefallen, und ich empfinde die hier verlinkten Seiten als hilfreich und angenehm, um die eigenen Englisch-Kenntnisse zu verbessern,oder einfach nur den Anschluss nicht zu verlieren.
Hier noch ein Englisch<->Deutsch Wörterbuch, welches ich sehr gern benutze. Und nun:

This is a list of websites that will help you improve your English.
Go to at least one of these great websites each day.

Have fun!

Ms. Leavitt, ESOL English games, worksheets, factsheets, and quizzes games. Click on the menu bar on the left, or scroll down to For Students. Resources, Handouts, and Exercises Grammar Help
www.pdictionary.comInternet Picture Dictionary on Schoolbooks, Games, or Brain Power.
www.wordcentral.comClick on Daily Buzzword, and learn a new vocabulary word each day! word lists for History or Science Worksheets and Online Tasks Index
a4esl.orgActivities for ESL Students, Mechanics, and Usage on Vocabulary, Grammar, or ESL.
www.esl-images.comYou need an account by now to access the flashcard libraries; You may be able to retrieve samples in the lesson plan library Vocabulary Can Be Fun! on Reading, Writing, or Vocabulary. for Word Games. to Grammar and Writing
www.brainpop.comGood interactive site on Dictionary, Thesaurus, World Factbook, or Encyclopedia.
compiled by Elaine Leavitt, ESOL

I think the following links are quite a worthy addition to this site of compiled links and people could benefit thereof.
Katrina Siddall provided / found the following website that has information on parts of speech which can be used in teaching too:
Helen Smith provided a link to the site of her business:
They offer free trial classes to (their) students. All their first lessons are free of cost.
Basically they offer to teach english using a tutor system. Online. It is a commercial enterprise. They provide the tutors, the material, the service. You - with any luck - learn. Its not free of charge, but may be just the way to get you on the track, when other (self-learning) training methods failed.
Ugur Catak provided a link to his dictionary-project. They have example sentences for all english dictionaries and a double click chrome plug-in providing the aforesaid can be found there as well.

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